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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gotta Love Fall

It is finally fall- my favorite season. Right now, I am listening to my husband and his friends scream at the football game. I used to hate football but now it is just another part of this great time of year. Although, I also lose my hearing every Sunday as the hubby uses his "thunder claps"- trust me I did not name the clapping but it is an appropriate name. Seriously, I think my ears are bleeding.

It is finally cooler- after another heat-stroke inducing southern summer. You can pull out your cozy sweaters and your fuzzy blankets. Plus, the need to nest and decorate always hits me this time of year. I always feel like fall and winter make every home warmer and more inviting.

I bought a pumpkin- the grocery store made me do it. The displays of fat happy pumpkins are just to enticing!
Hubby then got irritated because he thought we could have a fun outing and go to a pumpkin patch together. I am still game though because we BOTH need a pumpkin to carve. I only bought one so surely we need at least one more.

In 2009 we carved these beauties:
I love carving pumpkins so mine is the more detailed monster one. Hubby stuck with the classic jack o' lantern face- boring! When I went to Blowing Rock I even bought some decorations for the house. I usually don't let myself decorate much- I don't like "stuff". This time of year though I just turn into a girl I guess. I must decorate!
Even more importantly this time of year is the 'yummiest food' time of year- does that even make sense? Right now, my kitchen smells delightful- the first chili of the year. Soon to be followed by beef stew and a roast!
I am a firm believer that the CrockPot is the best kitchen appliance EVER created. Have you ever eaten anything out of a CrockPot that is not good? Exactly- point proven.

Fall also brings about Halloween- and Halloween forces me to do things like this to my puppy:
She is not amused but I sure am! This picture is also from two years ago and it still entertains me. She looks miserable- that jersey is WAY to small for a dog with as much fur as she has. Oh well, she'll get over it.

Just kidding, just kidding! Jeez....what do you take me for?

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