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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


When I was little I was very, freakishly, moral. If I saw someone smoking I thought they were pretty much the devil. My black and white line had no grey area. Luckily, I have lightened up in many aspects- although I am still know as being "opinionated" to put it nicely.

Now I have taken up stealing other's ideas. Oh, how far I have fallen. A girl I went to high school with posted the cutest wreath idea on her blog- and, well, I copied. I know that is so not cool but I loved her wreath. She found the wreath idea from pinterest. Pinterest, by the way, is a very cool website!
Basically, you take a foam wreath, wrap it in yarn, and glue on some flowers.

1. I had to go around with the yarn twice because I was too lazy to make it tight
2. Hot glue guns are evil things
3. This photo is proof that my new camera was SO worth the money as this picture sucks- those flowers are really orange and yellow.
4. It helps to have 4 hours to wrap a wreath when your husband has a new batman video game

Oh and to be a good girl I will now cite my reference!
Plus her pretty pictures:

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  1. Yay! Your wreath looks awesome!!! So glad it turned out well :)

    Oh and thanks for the reference!