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Monday, October 10, 2011

When "I'm Sorry" Isn't Enough

Do you ever have those days. Days where listening to the chaos is just not cutting it. You are exhausted and you are just sick of trying.I guess it is one of those mornings for me. As usual, my kid who was rude to me tried to apologize for it. Is it wrong that I don't accept that apology?

After awhile an apology becomes- well, not enough. When you attempt to make your amends but repeatedly have the same behavior what is the point of the apology? It makes the person getting the "I'm sorry" numb toward your atonement.

I am at that point with these kids. I am sick of hearing- I'm sorry, you really are a good teacher, I shouldn't have acted that way, etc. I have run out of sympathy. Acting like a wild animal with no manners can only be excused for so long.

In my head my clinical side tells me- they have had a rough life and have experienced trauma. The problem is that regardless of what you have gone through in your life every person on this planet has to learn how to be part of society. Considering my classroom is full of teenage- almost adult- boys I am over the justifications. You are not a little kid anymore. Learn how to have manners, be respectful, value your life and your behaviors.

Be more than what you were taught by your parents, foster parents, guardians, whatever. It is up to you to make a change. Society does not owe you anything, you owe it to yourself to make your life different- and better if you try.

Until you make that change in your behaviors I don't want to hear "I'm sorry" anymore. I'm over it.

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