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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bathroom Renovation!

Is it just me or do you notice the kinds of names people come up with for paint? It is very difficult to choose a paint color from an entire rainbow of oddly named selections. I knew I wanted a green and my choice became very easy when food became involved. My paint color is called guacamole- obviously it was meant to be! It took me longer to paint that little bathroom than I thought it would.
 and I may or may not have had a few accidents with a roller
I think the ceiling is to close to the walls- and I am to lazy to use painter's tape.

Another thing we have discovered about our new place is that we are located next to an abandoned golf course. The course has quite a lot of vegetation built up around it but you can still walk on the golf cart trails. Our dogs have always known how to walk off leash so they love this area because they can just be free.
She is secretly freaking out because she knows it's walking time
Now the door is open and General is watching my husband talk. He really thinks he knows English. I tried to take pictures of the trails but, as usual, I didn't think to charge my camera first so this is all I got!
Our German Shepard is up front and my husband's best friend's dog is the other dog. Her name is Sasha and she is a Doberman Pincher. My dog never ventures that far ahead- she does not like being far away from people. Today is such a humid day that our dogs did not make it for very long. They started laying down every few yards so we figured it was time to come back.

I wanted to take pictures to show that the golf course has ponds and there are even some areas where you can still see parking spots. We were hoping we would find an abandoned club house but no such luck. That would have been a fun adventure though!

My husband has determined that this golf course makes the townhome the best place ever! It is like watching a child frolic around.


  1. Aww your girl is just like our st. bernard - he sticks around people like glue!

    The bathroom looks great!

  2. Hey Meredith---nice job on the bathroom!!Please charge your camera and take more shots of both your home and the surroundings. sounds wonderful!aj