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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today was one of those days that made me want to work in a day treatment setting. I admit it is not because I love working with kids- it is because in my interview they told me the center goes to therapeutic horse back riding. Today was my first day going to the farm.

This place is pretty amazing because they are a non-profit that specializes in helping special needs children. What an awesome place. Sadly, at least for me, we didn't ride but instead the kids helped build a bridge for the horses and some Adirondack chairs.

Well I wasn't going to take that sitting down! I came to see a horse and I was determined to see a horse! So I may or may not have snuck around the property : )

The farm is beautiful- with classic red barns. I am one of those weird people that just loves a barn- smell and all. This place was just a little piece of perfection.
This was literally the ONLY horse in the barn. He was enormous and gorgeous. I blame the fact that the barn stalls were not full on my decision to sneak around the property. Especially when they said there is a baby!
Of course when I found the baby I realized she is really just a miniature horse. She was adorable though and came right up to say hello. Behind her are some more of the horses they use to ride with the kids. I don't know their names yet but I hope I will learn- and get to ride them!
I want to take this one home!

Demon eyes!

Ignoring me!
I once again was transported to childhood when I wanted to learn how to ride a horse so bad. Although somehow I am still at the point where that hobby is way to expensive. I will just have to live vicariously through this farm. Job perk!

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