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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update on Social Work Life

I am waiting for paint to dry in my bathroom for a second coat and I figured I would update on my work life.

Two days after I started actually working in my classroom one of my co-worker's husband fell off the roof and was injured. Since then this teacher has been on leave to make sure he is OK. I have quickly learned that she is the teacher that the kids see as the disciplinarian and they listen to her best.

Anytime there is a change with these kids they don't handle it well. So you can imagine how the last eight days have been! Can we say baptism by fire? The kids are naturally anxious and restless unless you keep them occupied at all times. They have just been all over the place.

We have had several physical fights (one I had to break up myself!) I have found out that one of the girls in the class lives with her boyfriend- who just so happens to also be in our class. They are only 16 and nearly 18 respectively. We found out this week she is 7 weeks pregnant- shocking I know. Isn't it great when parents don't care what their teenagers do?

All the girls are "bi-sexual". Now don't get me wrong I am pro LGBT issues but I think these girls just think it's cool to be gay. They date literally everyone in the class in circles. You can quickly assume that- yes- those physical fights are due to that.

The kids say the most inappropriate stuff ever. I can't even express how many curse words and weird questions I have been asked. Basically they have no boundaries. So far I think I have handled this very well. Honestly most the time all I can do is laugh. 

I hope I can help them...I think the good thing about the third teacher being out is that the kids have been forced to get to know me quickly. I think they like me and slowly they will learn to trust me. Maybe in the long run that is all the need for changes.

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