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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Secret Obsession

On Sunday I was sitting in my living room watching my husband play with some of his best friends.
But I was getting bored considering I can't play an instrument (much to my Minister of Music dad's dismay) and since my TV is right behind the red chair- I couldn't watch TV either. I get figitity when I have nothing to do so I figured blogging is the next best thing.

On Saturday we went to see Harry Potter. It was a bittersweet experience because I love this series but this movie meant the end. First off my husband annoyed the ticket lady until she gave me special Harry Potter 3D glasses:
Harry Potter- or - John Lennon??
Apparently they gave these out on opening night and only had a few left. Sometimes it is good for your husband to be loud and silly! The movie was amazing. When I first started seeing the movies I made the mistake of re-reading the books the day before I saw the movie. I quickly realized that is a bad idea because you watch the movie annoyed the whole time because they have to leave so much out.

Well I have not read this last book- The Deathly Hollow- since it came out. Plus I went a little crazy and read it in a day so I doubt my brain even retains the book. I love her books. My copies are all over the place- some are in Texas and some are here. I really would like to get a new set of books
 all wrapped up and pretty like this. I have read and re-read most of the Harry Potter collection. When they first came out I made fun of people for reading these books. I thought it was childish- even though I was only like 12 when they started coming out.

Then I was bored (this is a theme) at my grandparent's house and I started reading my cousin's copy of the first book. Since then I have been a fan. Many of the books I read in a day because I literally could not put them down. The story just sucks you in and you are hooked till the end.

Now every member of my family has read the whole series. One of us would buy the book and then my parents, or my brother would fight over who got to read it next. This is actually the first Harry Potter movie that I have not seen with my mom.

My brother tried to convince my dad to see the movie when they were in Atlanta. My dad promptly reported that my mom told him she would "take off his head" if he saw it without her. So I guess we are all Harry Potter freaks. (Don't worry about my brother though he came along with us to see the movie.)

I would like to report that this whole new trend of Twilight does NOT compare. I actually tried to give it a chance and the books are just not as good. I never could get into it- it was so mushy and lovey dovey. Not my cup of tea.

I would say I am off to start reading the series again- but I don't have the first book to start!

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