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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning Ritual

I had to be in training on Monday and Tuesday and they made us do an exercise about rituals. They told us to write, in detail, about our morning ritual. At the point that I wrote this I was bored out of my mind and had to amuse myself somehow so I kind of turned sarcastic. Shocking I know...

Meredith's Morning Ritual

6:00 am- Phone alarm wakes me up and I immediately turn it off. I allow myself about 10 seconds to stare at the ceiling and thing, "ugh, why me"? Then I get up.

6:01 am- Walk into the bathroom. Stare at my hair and think- good enough. (I shower at night). Or if my hair has turned into a rat's nest I might break out the curling iron to fix my natural curls.

6:03 am- Put on my makeup- and by makeup I mean blush and mascara. I also put on deodorant and perfume.
As you can see Leia is kinda a freak about food
6:10 am- Take puppies downstairs. Put on their collars and leashes- which they don't wear inside because I hate the jiggling noise of their name tags. Take puppies outside to pee. Bring dogs inside and make them sit and wait for their breakfast- they are trained not to eat until we tell them to.
6:20 am- Put lunch- leftovers- in lunch box along with frozen thingy. Put Brita water in my camelbac water bottle.
Leia has the "special" bowl- food is her weakness
6:25 am- Prepare dog food- 2 cups of Purina One chicken and rice for each dog. Put water on their food to make it yummy.

6:30 am- Allow the dogs to eat. Prepare cereal for breakfast, usually little kid stuff like Lucky Charms, while tripping over my dogs eating from their bowls. I really need to buy them a non-slip mat.

6:35 am- Walk, with my cereal, upstairs. Eat breakfast while perusing the Internet- emails, my favorite blogs, facebook, etc- in the extra bedroom.

6:50 am- Make sure the dogs go back in the bedroom. Brush my teeth and put on my shoes. Kiss my husband goodbye- because he is still asleep! Grr! Take cereal bowl to kitchen and put in dishwasher.

7:00 am- Get everything together and leave.

7:40 am- Arrive at work and think- when will I stop feeling the need to arrive everywhere freakishly early??

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