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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Bad...

My brother went to Atlanta this weekend to see my dad and have some fun. I was in charge of taking care of my brother's dog on Friday night and Saturday morning. He has an Akita named Miya who is about 4 years old. She is not a very needy dog so she is quite easy to take care of.

Well, remember when I was talking about making my yummy pie? I had just finished making my Oreo crust at around 3:00 when my brother called me to say he was leaving Atlanta. It was at that moment that I realized I had completely forgotten to take care of his dog in oh- about 17 hours. I am a horrible puppy aunt.

Luckily my brother only lives like five miles away from me. I went flying over to his house and, remarkably, she had not even had an accident! I then proceeded to apologize profusely to her- yes I realize she is a dog- and I believe she forgave me. That or she really didn't care because she could finally pee.

I blame the heat for making my memory melt out of my ears.

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