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Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving Time!

I am back to reality- or Internet access- however you look at it.

I must admit that I did not remember to take pictures of us actually moving. Just imagine a bunch of junk and you get the picture. Instead I am going to take you on a grand tour of our new town home.

Walk in the front door and you see:
 Our beautiful Ikea bookcase. This thing is amazing storage. Sunday night the husband decided to stay up till about 5 am to build my Ikea furniture. He is very helpful!
Look to the left and it's our grand living room- with husband playing video games...typical. You can also see the rest of our Ikea stuff- the coffee table and TV stand. Let's keep walking:
 Behind the Ikea bookcase is the "dining room"- I put together these Ikea chairs on my own! I now have a whole area of Coca-Cola stuff and my great grandmother's adorable 50s table!
 Past the dining room is the kitchen. I have not used the Kitchen Aid mixer yet but isn't it just beautiful next to my stove! I need to start baking. I am obviously cooking right now since my big crock pot is out on the oven. Chicken and potatoes yum yum!
 And now we are turning. The curtains go outside to some storage and a little patio. The three doors are a pantry, laundry room, and my half bath. The half bath is my project for this weekend.
This is the best picture I could get of the half bath. It is pink- that's right pink. Every other room in this house is either a tan color or the red kitchen. How this pink bathroom came to being I will never know but I vow to get rid of this grossness this weekend. I am thinking a green....

Now let us backtrack to the stairs:

Amusing story of the week. There is a huge mirror in our staircase that you can kind of see in this picture. Our stair case also turns- you can kind of see the turn. My dog- as previously mentioned- is a little special. She is also pretty much never on stairs. When we brought them over she kept attempting to follow me up the stairs and when she reached the mirror she would just bark at herself. She literally could not figure out how to turn until I physically pushed her the other way. Special...

Anyway at the top of the stairs you can turn right into our room
and our bathroom and closet
Basically if I kept backing up you would be in my closet...I figured you would not be entertained by out closet.

If you turn left at the top of the stairs you go into the extra bedroom
and the extra full bath

Obviously a lot of work needs to be done upstairs. I need things like...lamps. I don't know how I have made it to age 25 with no lamps. We also need some extra bedside tables and I guess I would look like a grown up if the extra bed had a head board.

But the pink bathroom must come first...it's against my religion to have a pink room.


  1. Gorgeous! All of it! I am so excited that you did this - I've been wondering what your little love nest looks like.

    And just a side note - goodwill is a fabulous place to find lamps. Just find two shapes you like and you can spray paint them the same color and buy some cheap shades at walmart or target.

  2. Everything looks great! Looks like you guys have so much more space!