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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blog Changes

I have not been happy with the layout or the title of my blog for quite awhile. Originally I thought I would write more about the social work side of my life. Honestly, I try not to do that to often because I really have to think about how to word things to protect confidentiality.

So this afternoon I spent a while- OK maybe three hours- finding templates and jazzing up the look of the blog. Then my husband commented that he doesn't like the name of my blog. I have to agree.

He came up with a new name- Sweet Raisins. I am going to have to explain this one. Last year my husband and I went on a road trip with a bunch of friends. I got the nickname sour grapes- not exactly the best nickname but I get it. I am a sarcastic person and I tend to tell it like it is. Anyway the boys named me sour grapes because of this tendency to not always be- what's the word- nice?

Usually it comes off as a joke- which I think this blog shows. My husband said call the blog sweet raisins or- the opposite of sour grapes because usually my silly stories and rants end up being funny even though, really, they are a form of complaining.

I thought it was a clever turn of words- so I figured a change would be fun. Of course, now my website URL is messed up and I have no idea how to fix that! Any clever computer people out there that know how to fix this??

*Update- nevermind! Google is the answer to all my questions. Really, what did we do before google search??

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