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Friday, March 25, 2011


In a few hours I am going to leave for my final bridal shower in Atlanta. I am saying a few hours because I haven't even packed yet...I hate packing. I was born around the Atlanta area and although my immediate family has moved quite a bit Atlanta has been a constant in my life. Both sides of my extended family live in Atlanta and it will always be a piece of home.

I don't think I will ever live there, it is so busy...and the traffic! But I will always visit because of how many things (and food!) there is to do. A MUST on every trip is the Varsity. If you don't know what the varsity is we can no longer be friends, I'm sorry.
Look at that greasy menu, you know you want some. I can even order for you- you want 2 chili dogs, onion rings, and an "FO"- otherwise known as a frosted orange. Ahh my mouth is watering already.

Plus Atlanta, and surrounding, has loads of fun activities. Did you know that there is a cabbage patch "baby land". My cousin and I went here multiple times when we were little and you get to watch the babies be born out of a cabbage. It is a necessity for all little girls to see.

Also I am slightly, ok very, obsessed with Coca-Cola stuff. There is a whole coke museum in Atlanta!

 This is where I like to stare at all the coke signs and dream I could own them all. Really it's a problem- I need a basement with a juke box and TONS of coke signs. Right across from the World of Coke is the Georgia Aquarium. Also an awesome thing to see- I have only been able to go once but it is really neat.
You get to see a whale shark at the aquarium. They are huge!
And last but not least- you can see a Braves game!! Being a Braves fan is a necessity in my family. I am pretty sure they would have disowned me if I didn't like the braves.
Look at that excitement- 1. The braves and 2. The Varsity

and look at my brother as he reigns over Turner field. Seriously if this hasn't convinced you that Atlanta is pretty awesome, I don't know what will! Have a great weekend!

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