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Monday, March 7, 2011


Today is my mom's birthday and luckily for her I am visiting! ha ha. My dad and I are making her fajitas for dinner. I decided, in all my brilliance, to make a homemade cake using recipes from my favorite blog (the pioneer woman).  The recipes were easy- chocolate cake and vanilla icing. Here is a picture of my cake:

Well don't let pictures be deceiving because underneath that icing is a disaster. First the cakes got stuck in their pans. I even tried to warm the pan back up to loosen the cake and that caused a small burn on the top! Then I tried to make the frosting. Apparently you are supposed to start the icing by putting flour and milk in a skillet and then placing it on the heat. Well I placed it on the heat and then added flour and milk. Basically I made oatmeal without the oats it became so thick and gross. I threw that batch out and restarted.

So with the new icing we made the cake look like it does above. Not sure how it tastes yet....but I have gotten to eat cake already because all of this:

was left behind in the bottom of the pans. So that is good right?

On a serious note I am truly grateful that I get to be with my mom on her birthday. We have had a tough year but as usual my family has pulled through it. Working in social work I see people who have to struggle everyday. I could not be more grateful for the childhood I had with my family. We were never rich, we never had every gadget and gizmo but I had love, understanding, and support and I know that is better than anything money could buy. Love you mom! Happy Birthday (hope the cake tastes good!!)

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