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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

North vs. South

My finance and I were raised by two very different families. My family is from the deep south, mainly Atlanta, Georgia and his family is from New York, more specifically the Bronx. Normally I would have never thought anything of this, especially since he has lived in the south since Kindergarten, but- let me tell you- there is a difference.

I don't think one is better than the other but we have had to adjust to each other's comfort level. The main thing I have noticed is food. Shawn could literally live off of meat and potato kind of meals.
Every meal I have ever eaten at his mom's house has included meat, mashed potatoes, and some form of vegetable. I think his mom's cooking is good but it is very different then what I was raised on. My mom likes to cook, so first off we ate a lot of different foods- Mexican, Italian, and more importantly butter-infused, heart attack producing, yummy casseroles.
Sweet potatoes anyone? Yes please! Shawn and I have had many the debates on what "normal" food is. I finally have accepted we are both normal, it's just a difference because of the Mason- Dixon line. With that being said it is my goal in our marriage to convert him to the dark side- of delicious, fatty, decadent southern cuisines. Imagine plates full of Paula Dean's cooking and you will get the picture.

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