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Friday, March 11, 2011


Today and yesterday my mom and I have been on a "do-it-yourself" frenzy. This has been happening for two reasons:
1. Our wedding budget requires us to be creative!
2. My parents are renovating= I get their old furniture!

Mainly I am getting my parents old bedroom set:
Two, count them TWO, dressers (we are currently living out of one hence the excitement!)
A queen bed (very important when your hubby-to-be is six foot five!)
The next piece of furniture is my favorite but my dad and I are fighting over it. My mom asked if I wanted it and I said YES. It is the best! Apparently my dad was not aware of our little plan because he thought the chair was going to go into the bedroom. He wants to read in it. We are currently in a heated debate over who gets it. This picture is hoping its me!
P.S. sorry for the mess, renovations are under way hence this RED chair looking well, dirty. I promise it will be cleaned up when my dad so graciously gives in to me : )

Lastly is my project from the last two days. My parents have a freakishly large abundance of desks so I decided I would take a desk also. The desk I have now is a cheap brand and has no storage, it is more modern and open. So I decided to renovate my dad's desk that he grew up with (he has had it since he was a teenager). How it started out:
It was not in the best of shape so I did a beautiful priming job:
Then two coats of a blue-grey kinda color and lastly a "glaze". The glaze is a pretty cool product, it makes your furniture looked aged and antiqued. Final product:
close up (so you can see the "glaze")
and I did it all by myself! I was pretty impressed if I do say so myself.

My mom and I have also worked on wedding stuff. We are not using a florist so we have been playing with my flowers:
I LOVE Gerber daisies- they are so much more cheerful and fun then typical old roses! I also made table numbers for our reception. Once everyone RSVPs we will also make a big vintage looking sign so people know what table to sit at.
I made the numbers with stamps and an ink that looks distressed. After everything we realized we have left to "do ourselves" my mom will probably be making an extra trip to North Carolina before the wedding. It seems like we have a million things to do. There are so many little details that I never realized existed until now. I just have to figure out how to fit it all in! (Why again did I decide to get married the day of my graduation??)

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