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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Masters Regalia

Yesterday I went by my school to be all official and get my graduation stuff. I am not going to graduation because -I lost my mind- and decided to get married on that day instead. Due to this I really didn't see the point of getting my hood, cap, gown, etc. Well my friends persuaded me to go:

You could take your picture in it!
You may be a professor one day!
You already paid for it with your graduation fee!

So I went and got it- and they were right I am already glad I did. It makes my degree seem somewhat closer and having a real hood makes me proud. I feel like I am all smart and stuff : )

The hood looks something like...
this except my colors are green, white, and that gold color. I will probably never wear this thing but there is something about the traditions that you follow for graduation that never fails to impress. There is a part of me that will be sad that I am missing the ceremony of being "hooded". You get to choose your favorite professor to do the honor and I think it would have been a memorable experience but - alas I decided to get married instead. At least my wedding dress is prettier than a graduation robe!

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