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Monday, March 14, 2011

Coming home

Every time I leave Texas or, more importantly, my parents I have a mini depression for a few days. My parents have lived in Dallas since I graduated high school and started college in 2004. I would think by now I would be over it but no, like clockwork, I am upset again. This is even weirder because I know I will see my mom in two weeks at another one of my bridal showers. Obviously I should be OK but I have no apparent control over my emotions hence the mini depressions.

On a happier note there are good things to coming home. One is the fiance who acts like he is dying when I am not home. Of course then I bash his dreams of a happy return because I am sad to leave my parents. I am always a bundle of joy : )

Next is the psychotic thrashing and whining of my dog, Leia. It is almost like she is possessed whenever I come home from a trip. I can't even explain what noises and guttural sounds she makes when I come home and she hasn't seen me in a week.
Then she proceeds to jump on the bed. Being on the bed is NOT allowed in my house because my dogs are so big. (Unless I want her to pose with a Panthers jersey on) Apparently she is so distraught that she has forgotten the house rules because she got on the bed and just whined and stared at me. As I have said before- she is kind of special.

With the time change of coming from Texas to North Carolina and the real time change I have been exhausted. Leia once again ruined my much needed sleep by puking in the middle of the night last night. I don't know how to describe the annoyance of hearing your dog retching at 3 am. Since Leia thinks towels are dog treats she has these random throw up events and they are always, I mean always, in the middle of the night. So I am now back to the real world- internship- sleep deprived, sad, and grumpy.

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