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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Becoming a wife

Today I had my second bridal shower- with my friends and some of Shawn's family. Since Gerber daisies always make me smile I figured I would start off with a picture of my pretty flowers. I got many gifts again but when looking at this picture what is the most important thing?
No, it is not the hideous paneling- please ignore that grossness. Do you see it? Do you see that beautiful piece of machinery over to the left? A kitchen aid mixer! Yes I am now peeing in my pants! I LOVE kitchen aid mixers- they are amazing and I foresee many baking projects in my future. The fiance's mom, grandma, and aunt gave it to me at the shower and I am super excited (I know that wasn't obvious so I needed to explain the excitement).

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to get married. I, by no means, understand what getting married entails but I keep feeling like I am starting my own little family. Sometimes this is hard for me because I still feel like I just "left the nest". I am also really close to my family and it is hard to let go of what my life has been like for, well, my whole life. I have been a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a student- I have been many labels but being a wife is a whole new role.  I still feel young and inexperinced about life but I know that my finance is a good, safe place for me.

He is very different from me- but in a good way. I tend to be more pessimistic, shy, and very organized about life. I live for the ten year plan. He is more out-going, silly, and up for adventure. We are a nice mixture because I have taught him to be more calm and he has taught me to live a little (ok- he is still teaching me that one). Even though sometimes I am scared to give up what once was my life, I look forward to what will be my life with him. I just hope he feels the same with all my crazy lady stress right now : )

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