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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Everyday I get a new list of cases at my internship. Children watching domestic violence, shootings, robberies, or being abused in some way or other. First off it is quite disturbing the number of children who have to witness or be victim to this kind of violence. What is wrong with people? But then again I decided to do this kind of work and a large part of me just wants to help.

BUT it seems like no one ever wants the help. I cannot tell you how many parents look me in my face and tell me their kid is "fine". Fine is the word I hear over and over again. Seriously, as an adult, would you be fine watching your dad beat your mother? Would you be fine if some drugged up guy came into your house with a gun asking for money? No you would not be "fine".

I feel like I don't help anyone at times. As of today the ONLY child I had on my case load whose mother let me do therapy is closed. I mean literally not one other parent has allowed me to give FREE therapy services. I hope that even if I can't see the kid ever again maybe, just maybe, the parent will learn from what I tell them about trauma symptoms. I just don't know though. I don't want to force people to try our services because we are voluntary but I feel like I am failing at persuading people that therapy can be helpful and healing. 

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