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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thank you cards

I have successfully made it through my first, and probably largest, wedding shower. My dad is the Minister of Music at a church in Texas and I am pretty sure the entire choir came! I have never in my life received so many gifts.

And this is the condensed version!!

So now that I have gained ten pounds eating mini cinnamon rolls with cream cheese inside and throwing wrapping paper around for an hour I must get down to the real work- otherwise known as writing thank you cards.

I have always wanted to be one of those southern women who sends sweet little cards in the mail and always smells of baking products. I am however not one of those woman. I have figured out my way around a kitchen but being dainty and feminine not so much. Wearing heels? Oh the horror!

So after my large shower comes the accompanying thank you cards. The problem is that I am not good at ...etiquette. When I write a thank you card I want to say a joke.

I WANT to write: (imagine writing in childish block letters)

Dear Mrs. ____,
Thank you so much for the silicone cooking mat. Now I won't burn my cookies when I bake. Let the yumminess ensue.
Love, Meredith

I SHOULD write: (imagine writing in intricate perfect cursive)

Dear Mrs. _____,
Thank you so much for the silicone cooking mat. Your presence was greatly appreciated at my wedding shower this weekend. I truly enjoyed your company. I hope to see you again soon.

I am now at some kind of in between stage of thank you card writing. I have over 50 cards to write from this shower alone so from my cramped hand to yours...

Love, Meredith

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  1. Oh, I would definitely go with the first style of comment!

    :) Great blog missy, I love your writing style! I feel like I'm sitting here listening to you talk.