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Saturday, March 19, 2011


May is a terrifying month at this point. In May I will graduate my Master's program, get married, go on a honeymoon, try to find a job, apply for a license to be a therapist, and move to a new place. I have been handling all of this well until recently. Now it seems like I am facing a mountain of "to-dos".

I think I will make it through this time but it is daunting that I have so much to do, so close together. I think every person who is graduating this May probably feels the same pressure. The economy and job situation still is not fantastic and we have to go out, with many others, to get employment. Since I am getting married  I also feel the pressure to not be a bum and actually make some money to contribute to our income!

I have been filling out applications online and praying my little heart out that I will be employed. I need prayers! (or else you will be forced to read deranged posts from a crazy lady):

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