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Monday, July 16, 2012

30 Day Challenge- Day #20

20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

1. Moving to North Carolina:
I lived in Mississippi from about 2 years old until the end of 3rd grade. It was a fairly small town and I was pretty protected. Most people around town knew my family since my dad worked in the largest Baptist church in town. Moving to Charlotte felt like I was moving to NYC. I remember driving downtown and thinking the skyscrapers were a little terrifying. Plus, I had the worlds thickest southern accent- and the kids at my dad's new church just brutalized me by making fun of it. By the end of the summer- I forced myself to loose that accent!

2. Breaking my foot:
This isn't me- but this is what it looked like!
Did I mention that while I was being made fun of for my southern twang I was hobbling around on crutches with a giant blue cast? Plus, can anyone really forget the pain of breaking anything? My little 5 foot 3 inch mom had to carry me into the hospital because I couldn't walk. Then she had to carry me to an orthopedic surgeon to reset the foot- since it was broken on a growth plate. My mom swears that I didn't even call out or scream when they reset it. Just one tiny tear rolled down my cheek. Good to know I was even a bad ass at 9 years old!

3. Disney World:

Quite frankly, I am still kinda obsessed with Disney World. My great grandparents used to own a vacation home down in Orlando. My parents, my brother, and myself took several trips as a family to Disney and I remember great trips. We would fish with my dad in the little pond behind the house. We would spend all day at Disney- my mom and I searching high and low for Minnie. We eventually found her- but only got a pictue of her ear. Very disappointing! I would stuff my face with ice cream and pancakes. I wore 90s fabulous clothes. It was good times.

 Happy Monday!

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